Judgement Day

Feb.2010 Release, SVN. Everything is balanced now.

Decision in progress.


Always funny to see the weakest link in a chain. However, this time, it was two. What a team.


20 Responses

  1. If anyone knows who thinks I had redistributed onyx, please let me know.
    I don’t have Onyx any more, so don’t ask. Thanks.

  2. Owned Jcool.. owned.

    • jcool made money and a reputation using things that were given to him by kind people, that’s all

  3. man dont talk about jcool like that.
    if it werent for Jcool most of the viewers out there today probably wouldnt exist. also, good job INF, i think you should release it for a lmited amount of time, like a two day or one week only kind of deal. other than that, keep up the great work!

  4. publish it!

  5. GxRay, you’re aware Jcool does little coding right? He has his minions (being the Emerald Dev team) do most of his grunt work.

  6. How do we know this is real? It could just as easily be faked to increase hype

  7. release it. But as GxRay said for a few days only

  8. dam you.

  9. Release it, if not, please tell us that you won´t.
    By the way, i have to suppose that you got the source from Svn, rigth?

  10. I say eaither compile it, BUT make sure to add extra secuirty, then eaither sell it, or give it to doners as sort of a “thank you”, OR you can send out the SVN, but just make sure to do some sort of secure and monortiable way to send it out. :>

  11. for everyone of for noone. srsly

  12. Yes, Everyone or noone.

  13. LoL Neil Life is not only dead he shut down his blog for good.

    Wow you guys destroyed him.

    Good bye Neil I love you.

  14. Neil’s blog got shutdown by blogspot.

  15. no. neil’s blog got tooken down for Releasing Bloodlines Script. Thust he maken new one. NO one Destroyed neil, he’s simply taken a break because Unlike 98% of people here, he’s Got a life.

  16. Neil’s a idiot. Most likely, he’ll be laughed at, like he already is. He’s been breaking a number of actual computer laws. Breaking into LL’s asset servers, the whole incident where he stole like a bunch of HUDs and gave the asset id to everyone, then 50 people getting banned, then he’s got the nerve to say “Not my fault”. Really lulzy the hypacracy. What is the purpose of giving a undetectable client with no limits on exporting except for the purpose of stealing stuff?

  17. Fuck you LolNeilLol wtf are you doing here ? Downloading copybot clients your self ? Fuck you and i hope you die soon so i can piss on your grave LOOOSER
    Neil is a fucking looser for GIVING SHIT TO NOOBS .
    If i was neil you guys would never ever get shit from me again better yet i would fucking send you fuck faces a TROJAN to steal your shit .
    Neil is way to fucking nice and should stop this shit .

    • Lol? Nope. I just lul at the idiocracy of all these comments, plus love what INF’s doing. Since it got Neil to quit, and hell he’s even pissing people off with his fail coding since he dosen’t have Emerald to mod off of. >_> Also if you notice, most of the coments that are…sorry were…on his blog, people were whining “Where’s import and export?”. That says something right there ;D

  18. so ar you actually gonna be releasing this? or is it just something to get hype

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