Foreknowledge II

Hi everyone.

After some time of gap, here is one more post for all readers.

As you know, we are working on two new second life software releases. One of them is a client, and the other one is a proxy. Both are very special, both are very unique.

Client (innominate one) is close to its release, and proxy is almost fully shaped. We still want to keep the names secret, but I am sure some of you already heard rumors about what they are and what they can do.

Other than this small leap of knowledge; all I can do is to warn you about possible fakes. We are only here till we say something different.

Everyone here salutes* Second Life, and one of us asks something riddly..

“What if first life was a second life of another life?”


4 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on both of these tools….

  2. I want the proxy as well, Its is going to be sold or is going to be free? also when is it going to be released…

    • We are working on the first release of it.
      It will not be free, moreover, it will not be sold infinitely. We will only sell it to a number of people.

  3. wow so whats up wth u guys charging for everything now getting so stupid but do ur thing i guess. even for a proxy…

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