Second Life Professional Edition (SLPE) cracked

Here is our first resell: the long-waited SLPE client. Unlike many people think, SLPE is not a simple client that only includes a copybot and some griefing abilities. It is a very rare and private client which has very unique functions, and that was the reason for us to keep it private as it is.
Please use a valid email adress as you make your order, because the software reply will be sent to the email adress which is used for ordering. Please do not bother paying for this client unless you know about the special functions or want to see the proof of its hacked release.

Please remember that: reply may take some time, we’re doing all the replies manually after checking the payments.

…have fun.


90 Responses

  1. goooooooooooooooooood !

  2. At last. Thank you.

  3. I’m in.

  4. Great. Only for who wants it.

  5. Could you give us a list of functions?

    Too many ripoffs sell their clients and never list the functions till it’s too late.

    Functions and versions info ??

    • even the hax editor is worth paying.

  6. SLPE no longer exist they have a new version released 3 weeks ago called SLGE (Second Life Gold Edition).

    I bought it but i want to use the crack version because this GOLD VERSION is a RIPOFF!!!!

    For the price i paid for it’s not worth the price their asked for.

    • Oh probobly you paid for something wrong. There is no SLGE.

      • I dont think so, I bought it from Day Oh himself. He told me he had an older version but no longer selling it.

        He told me to buy the Gold edition because its based on Emerald Open source and much better functions.

      • prove.

        you’re prolly trolling. Day Oh is not selling anything.

  7. I bought it about 3 weeks ago hold on i will upload the screen shots.

    • Hello.
      If there is something like that, send it to us and let us do the work.

      I never heard about a gold edition, as well.

      If you’re posting screenshots, please do one for the registration screen as well. You can blur out the last parts of your key if you wish.

    • Also, would you mind uploading the file so we can have a look ?

  8. can i pay with Linden dollars also how much will it be thanks. also i agree can we see a little list of features cause ive also heard that chocolate is the best and that was a big dissapointment.

    • No, sadly, for orders: you have to use the button there. We’re unable to take Lindens because we do not have stable accounts in SL, as you can guess.

      SLChocolate was old. It was just a proof of how a “non-crackable” client can be cracked.

  9. Yes, what kind of features does this have?. I do not want to just pay for a client and do not know what it can do. Name just 1 thing that will make this worth my purchase please. Like can it copy scripts along with the objects?. Or anything along those lines.

    • “Please do not bother paying for this client unless you don’t know about the special functions or want to see the proof of its hacked release.”

  10. i will buy it lol, but, are there (in folders) any instructions how to use it? Or, where can i get instructions?

  11. Please reply INF!

    • Actually, Axy just explained.

  12. Hex editor ! Worth it.

  13. Anyways, I guess I will learn what it does. I paid, now how long will it take for you to email me the file?. Thanks! ; )

  14. Oh this works like heaven. How did you guys manage to do it ?!

  15. Well it’s been almost 1 hour now since I paid and still no SLPE Delivered to my email?. How long did it take for you guy’s to receive this?.

    • Check again please. We’re trying to reply as fast as possible. Manual replies.

      It should be there now. if your account is tw..

      • Yep that’s me, I got it but it doesn’t let me login.

        It crashes when entering the password like chocolate did before it was cracked.

        What happens when I buy a new computer 1 month from now?.

      • Did you try my reply ?

        if chocolate crashes as well, problem is probobly about your pc.

        I dont know what it requires, but try installing the .net 3.5

  16. you would get a lot more buyers if you explained why people would want this… once again.
    hows your client coming along?

    • This cleint’s buyers should be the ones who already know it. No worries.

  17. also, neil5050 who has been commenting isnt the real neil.
    neil isnt that big of an asshole.

    • That´s obvious.

  18. By the way it was hard for me to find the copybot functions. If you want to copy something with someone else’s name just put their prim to the ground and import from the right click menu of that prim.

    Everything is soo cute here 🙂

    • Secondlife Gold or SLGE is the best it’s the later version of SLPE but it has emerald functions.

      Day Oh told me if this is the real SLPE that u guys cracked you didnt do a good job because all the 3/4 of all the functions are disabled in the crack version.

      I am too scared to send the SLGE to INF because Day Oh will know who sent it because the files is tied to a customer. Which he will disable their account if found in breach of SLGE Tos Violations.

  19. Chemical do u have msn or yahoo skype? id like to talk to u

  20. i take my comment back, my friend talked with neil on skype and he confirmed that he is infact the real neil and everything he says on here is true.

    • “To any idiots that tried to use my 7.7 released today will have their account banned.
      I made a keylogger and a fake login to secondlife. You will not be able to login.”
      Yeah, of course, atleast i am sure that neil can´t be as stupid…
      Come on.

  21. Nothing is wrong with my computer INF!. Everything is up to date and free of viruses, spyware and maleware. Just answer my question please about when I buy a new computer?.

    • if it is not working in your PC and if you can proove that to any of us (its easy with teamviewer) then yes you’ll be able to run it on your new PC.

  22. I’m curious as to what stops buyers from sending your cracked client around in which you’re out of your 20USD per person?

    • Simple. It has a registration screen.

  23. ,,My New protection will be better than the uncrackable vLife and SLPE. It will have the best protection system.

    vLife and SLPE cannot be cracked and now i know why and i am going to make it better than theirs so i could look after my customers with my new snow globe private viewers.” – from 5050neil youtube … what you about that ? 😀

  24. Ok would you mind listing the features before i buy?

    I dont want to buy from people that says “IF you didn’t know cows could fly then you dont deserve to buy this”.

    That statement above is from con artist. I dont wanna get conned.

    Show me screen shots, version detail, features and benifits then i will buy the crack version.

    IF not then i will buy directly from the guy himself or better still i will stick with the cracked HXO or Neillife.

    • Buy from the original person than lol.

    • Fail.

    • Works.

  25. Chemical or tim anyway you can post a skype name msn,yahoo id like to talk to you thanks

  26. chemical sister + tim + axy = 1 person 🙂 lol

  27. OK let’s trade

    If you give me SLPE i will give you password to BangBros 😉

  28. The Tim above that posted works IS NOT me!.

  29. I wonder why people should pay a fag scammer like you. you could barely type your shit name on keyboard. its your way to try to fuck money and I am going to report your paypal address to police. Bye faggot

  30. Is there any way for us to contact you privately? If you’d rather not post here, could you please email me? Cheers!

  31. I have SLPE abd I give it for 50,000 Lindens

  32. i want it for free! send my email THANKS!

  33. free?

  34. i pay the 50k if u show me this workin and what this do

  35. Philip Linden is GAY

  36. OK i got SLGE how do i send it? If i send it will they know i send it? I dont want my Account Deactivated if they know i sent you this secret Viewer.

    • Jusr upload it, and provide the link.
      Nothing will happen, no one will know.

  37. If there is really a SGLE, and if it is the continued version of this project, then when I get it; it will be exactly here.
    No worries.

    The only problem is, people are just complaining about there is a SLPE, but we didn’t actully see a working proof of it.

    If ANY of you has it for real, post the client, or at least post a screenshot which includes the registration screen. You cna blur our the last digits of your activation key if you want. But please leave the HWID as it is.

  38. OK i got SLGE how do i send it? If i send it will they know i send it? I dont want my Account Deactivated if they know i sent you this secret Viewer.

    • Why don’t you just upload it instead of logging in to the blog with fake usernames ? That seems funny.

  39. If i upload it and lose the activation key then i want a refund back at least. So i am selling it for 40,000 Linden.

  40. I am so stupid. I create fake accounts and comment about SLGE everywhere.
    //edited by INF.

  41. Faggot?

  42. Cool Story Bro…

    But get a viewer or proxy that is not just fagged out to anyone. Enough with the bullshit blogging. Look at all this viewer fagging going on. People getting excited to get nothing.

    • its not fake you’re out of date bro

      • nobody said its out of date or fake bro…

  43. i want to buy this but i cant do it through paypal please make a SL account and accept Linden dollars asa payment PLEASE!

  44. Dang I paid for something that got cracked the next day :(! Look here Can the people that bought the SLPE from you get the cracked VLife? I was about to pre-order your new viewer but now I’m not sure if I still would like to invest that has no money back guarantee if it gets cracked.

  45. Come on INF please make a sl account to take payments i want this viewer so bad i cant use paypal PLEASE!

  46. come on INF please make a sl account that will accept payments for this viewer i want it so bad but i cant use paypal PLEASE! <33333

  47. So how do i use this hex editor? anyon mind giving a quick instruction please

  48. give me slpe cracked INF please I pay you

    • Which email did you use to make payment ?

  49. //payment detail removed

    • please check your email (maybe in BULK / SPAM)
      I replied one more time, it should be there now.

  50. Ill buy this if it will let me log in to my teen grid acount.. can it?

    • yes you can.

  51. I have to verify everything and I received nothing, you can send back(dismiss) him(it) to me?

    • Please check the reply of the paypal email. I replied you, 2 times.

  52. You guys still willing to pay for this viewer since its hacked again
    and given out for free

    faggots trying to make money on some one else his work…

  53. ?

  54. i reply where ? sorry im french contact me on skype please ======> [skype name removed]

  55. im sorry INF im crazy my e-mails bug I thus received your work thank you very much 😉

  56. Just paid, can’t wait to give it a go and a nice review.

  57. Works Great, I love it. Quick delivery, nice responses and all. The program is amazing, I wish it had a few emerald options but it’s definitely worth every penny. Sometime the save as button doesn’t pickup anything, but besides that. Flawlesss


  59. hey on sl chocolate.. i liked the oid and mac directly in the client… but what the hell is it? can i get a fucking manua with which i can read please :)… ill split this chat into 2 posts in case the next post turns out to be POWER OVERWHELMING

  60. now this post take it or leave it. someone already did a money crack that works for it.. in case you got stuck…

    the frenchman has informed me that slpe free on google videos from a youtuber named::

    fyi he has a working full perms ‘manual hack’

  61. Can anyone tell me if this currently works as of today? I got your twenty bucks if it works with the regular copybot etc

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