Client: Innominate

As many of you guessed, we’re working on a private client with many new functions. We’re trying to make it as perfect a a client can be. The name will be kept secret for now.

You can use the pre-order button below if you wish to pay less and support more. Please use the email that you want the notificatons to be sent in future, while you are paying with paypal.

Post Edit: Client name clue.

…oh, curiosity.


63 Responses

  1. nice job
    in the mean time ill work on my own >:O

  2. Hi Im interested in the new privert client you guys are making so could you please let me know any info I need THANX πŸ™‚

  3. Does this pre-order price include all future updates to new releases of the client as well?.

    • Sure.

      • Can you give us a time line of how far away from release?.

      • Around mid march, it will be fully released.
        Alpha and beta’s till that stage.

  4. Your gunna get a LOT more buys if u release vlife and slpe.. then vlife and slpe are going down, and you’ll be the only allive… but if you just stop cracking clients.. it seems this blog is pointless

  5. you would get more sales if you listed WHY people would want to pay for it, im totally behind this though, you guys deserve the money from this. good luck INF.

  6. I love how this site went from a site where without a doubt you’d release cracked clients.

    Now you wont release the best ones (for unknown reasons) and have decided to turn this into a profit where you sell a client, no longer cracking them.


  7. I am going to make a new private version with new protection system but for now i am going to punish my private viewer buyers because i am pissed that you have cracked my viewer.

    Why am i punishing my private buyers? Because the only way to get back at you is to abandon my customers and make them suffer the way you have made me suffer.

    HXO and INF are the same person that scammed me.

    • wow is that the thnx people get for buying your crap ???
      Why dont you go fuck your self neil you are mad because hxo do not give you code anymore ?
      Now you cannot continue to make private because you have no code .
      HXO nor any other viewer creator would do this to the customers shame on you neil my friend pay you 15000L and you say it will be updated and many more options will come now you stop and you get everyone banned .
      For the peole that pay neil do a charge back on your paypal if it is still possible !!!!
      Report him as scammer to paypal if needed .


      • To any idiots that tried to use my 7.7 released today will have their account banned.

        I made a keylogger and a fake login to secondlife. You will not be able to login.

  8. Hello to all my online friends,

    Today i am going to say good bye to you all.

    I have decided to commit suicide because life is not worth living.

    I have lost everything and now my life is just so empty.

    I am all alone and there is no one to comfort me.

    Life is too lonely and sad.

    Death is the only solution.

    By the time you have read this line I would be dead.

    Good bye and good luck.

    My Account name is MumbIe Mumblewood

    Good bye everyone see you in my next life.

    Lonely Guy was here 6th January 2010.

    • @Neil5050

      You always made fun of your customers because they were spending money on a viewer that wasn’t even worth of it as the features soon or late was going its features as going to be released on the public one.

  9. yup.

  10. I hope that you will crack that client too πŸ˜€

  11. I have released a fake 7.7 open source today which is a key logger and a fake login. I am going to get them all banned.

    This is war. You will not be able to login with my open source and anyone tried to login will have their account banned.

    This is WAR.

    • This isn’t the real Neil5050, neil is incapable of typing correctly and types like “wat u wnt?”

      Good try though troll!

  12. I look forward to seeing your work … cracked
    whoever makes the issues! or think you can sell a client and be immune?
    have started well and ultimately end you are becoming like the others …. only $…..
    I use HXO but it is really bad program and has stopped! neillife many more options and new features including the latest … HXO why not put more new features such as import anim, sound export, rippin sculpt, texture-free import, and many others that Neil?

    Since the two have quarreled hxo did not go ahead! HXO is an old client and her life is not long very similar to old versions of neillife (2.5 / 2.7) ..

    I think you guys do not be corrected but only as friends Sinux3AiAn ke trroppe times I myself have read the Code of HXO called Neil and well know!

    see if posted this message …..

  13. My New protection will be better than the uncrackable vLife and SLPE. It will have the best protection system.

    vLife and SLPE cannot be cracked and now i know why and i am going to make it better than theirs so i could look after my customers with my new snow globe privateο»Ώ viewers.

    • Neil, why dont you gtfo ?
      this is the wrong place for you

    • lol.

    • “uncrackable” ? lol.
      You’re totally out of date, pal.

      • My New GLobe Viewer will scan your hard drive for cracked versions or hacking software, if found my software protection will disable login.

        It will be encrypted and opfusticated with various online checks and will employ at least 10 multiple id varification checks.

        It will match IP address and all your ALTS must be registered in order to use them on my new system.

        Inorder to start Neil Life Private Globe version you will need to enter randomly generated password that uses your hardware ID each time you attempt to execute Neil Life.

        Further more my only IP and Hardware ID as well as your OS info will be collected and added to the online verification system.

        Good luck trying to crack my new system. If you cant crack vlife or SLPE you will never crack my new system.

      • poor neil.

    • I think neil is losing the papers … let the viewer in his famous work and soon will be in the hands of all cracked … I feel sorry for the poor

  14. I just did a preorder ^^ lets see !

  15. Just added a clue.

    • SLBE SecondLife Black Edition ?

  16. I know the clue lol

    Philip Linden is GAY !!!!

  17. true dat.
    nice name, Second Life Black…
    what features is it gonna have, you really should post some stuff, who knows, maybe ill pre-order

  18. also, if u guys need any coders im not that great, but i can edit XML’s


    claims the neil5050 on the this site is a fake

    • I think Neil tricked INF to reveal if hey do have vlife or slpe or slge.

    • I don’t think he was NOT real. I did not approve everything he posted.

  20. or someone pretending to be Neil tricked INF to reveal the truth about if they do infact have SLPE or SLGE or vlife

  21. Hey Neil ripped me off about 2 months ago when i bought his gay faggot viewer. He told me i could do full perm and shit.

    Once i bought it the faggot viewer cant do jack shit but crashes a lot.

    The cunt just told me we are no longer welcome to his private version because someone from here cracked his viewer.

    Just because someone cracked his viewer he now tells all his paying customers to fuck off?

    Neil is a cunt and i am so glad you guys put that cunt out of business.

  22. “lol” you said:

    claims the neil5050 on the this site is a fake

    im about 90% sure that is the real neil, and hes smacking himself in the face right not for being such a dumb cunt and posting gay shit about how he was gonna get all his users banned and didnt give a fuck about his paying customers.

    well, your career is over neil.
    maybe you could beg forgiveness from INF and he’ll let you help him with his viewer?

  23. I too got scammed by Neil Deaz the faggot scammed me i bought his viewer 3 weeks ago a few days later the one i bought he made it free on his blog.

    Now he is no longer making any new private viewers. To make matters worse he brought out another non functioning 7.7 that denied me login with “something went wrong side by side” shit like that message i got when i tried to login.

    Now i stumbled accrossed this page and found out he posted here he made a fake 7.7 that figures why i cant login and i am using windows 7 ultimate.

    Neil Deaz is a crappy messy coder. Every new version he brings out he always forget to add something or something never works right.

    Now i know why his coding is so messy he stole a lot of codes from others but has no idea how to clean it up or understand how to compile in c++ without errors.

    I am now so glad that faggot is out of business as well anyone scamming deserves to go out of business.

  24. I gave him the benefits of the doubt when i heard he stole coders from all over the place. I thought people were just jealous of him because he became infamous for solely producing hacks after hacks even though most of them admittedly never fully functioned as promised.

    When you closely look at his coding you will always have to edit the stupid xml files yourself in order to place the buttons in the right places or enable the shape export button because he doesn’t know how to enable the shape button inside the xml files.

    Furthermore, when i looked into the exe and dll files i see a lot of evidences of stolen codes from other coders like KoreDev codes and relevance pointing to their website.

    I gave him thumbs up for solely producing Viewers where others silently ripped off SL players.

    Nevermind if he stole the codes or not it really isn’t relevant now. In truth I am kind of glad neil did what he did although most people are angry at the facts that each new viewers he produced something are just never right.

    Neil opened the door to copybotting and item stealing whereas before copybot was just a myth.

    Having been a victim of Linden indiscriminate banning i have lost a lot of money. Using NeilLife has brought some satisfaction of revenge.

    Inconclusion, denying paid customers support and the right to use his future viewers is a very gravely mistake. There’s only one way he’ll end up – infamous fame without trophy with a lot of angry customers.

    • Ever heard of sharing code?

  25. Wow you’re stupid as hell.

    “Neil opened the door to copybotting and item stealing whereas before copybot was just a myth.”

    Copybot has been around lonnnnngggg before neillife. Same with creator spoofing and all that good stuff. There even used to be a way to buy stuff w/out L.

    • There still is a way to buy things without paying for them!

      ; )

      But I wont tell unless the price is right!. Want to play?. lol

      • Aliens Exist beyond Area 51 but i wont tell unless the price is right !!!!

        Let’s play why don’t we?

    • Well what he said is kinda true.

      If it weren’t for Neillife Open source we’d be sucking on our thumb getting ripped off by Day Oh with $100 USD for a client that is just plain old fashion.

      Copy bot has been around for a long time but there never was any Viewer that were freely available unless you pretend to be furry and suck balls to get one of those.

  26. Hey DaddyOnmyScrotums!

    Do not hate because you do not know the skills! LMAO!.

  27. oh god troll breeding grounds.
    the original copybot and client integrated copybot are two different things
    copybot been around for a really fucking long time
    client integrated copybot came a few years after

  28. Will there be a mac version of this

  29. So has anyone bought this so called better than the best viewer? If anyone has they have not said anything about it.. INF will you ever give us a small list of functions of your viewer? Because all the hype for SLPE was clearly Hype. the Hex edit = broken ( and that was a HUGE feature on SLPE )
    also the long sound uploads = broken ( so thats another broken feature on SLPE followed by a list of others and one more reason to say FUCK SLPE!!! ) and yes i do have it, had it for a long time…

    So once again please list some features….. thanks in advance…

  30. I have tricked you into prividing us with SLPE

    I have cracked SLPE

    I will crack all your proxy and clients

    I got your number

    I got your ass

    You are nothing but a brown stain on a mattress

    You are mine

    • neil, we were all supporting you since you became a fag


  31. I am going to make sure linden closed all bugs.

    I am going to tell Linden how to do it.

    I am pretending to be fixing the network bugs on my client viewer but really i am going to make sure Linden close every bugs and make sure no more copybot.

  32. so why dont you stfu now ?
    you didnt crack anything.

  33. You still don’t know that you’re giving away trojan to people, do you ?
    LoL, neil.

    The version you got, was already bugged. Ask the person who gave it to you πŸ˜€

  34. This time I suspect that the neil mentined in these two previous posts are fake.

    Still I think neil became a fag specially for cancelling the private viewer as well for some other things.

  35. how many times will you secure this latest release to insure functionality ? i mean will you obfuscate it and provide us with new links when (linden) code gets tracekilled? and how much does one have to pay to SEE code πŸ™‚

    im drooling πŸ™‚

    one last note… im downloading at aamazing 2kbps bouncing off mirrors over a hacked router… SO:: on hxo is that a real money hack? can i buy items in game? come on share the beef.

    lastnote my tagname is gunmaker and i can be a major ass-protector if u want. if a website or some shit comes along yim me with my main username and all decimate that website. its what i do best πŸ™‚

  36. lol u guys listening to “niel5050′.. thats all bulshit.. let a genius explain
    if its opensource::
    a a keylogger would glow in the dark under unobfuscated antimalware detectors such as avg + [spybot search and destroy]
    b niel.. doesnt talk like a retarded ‘nigra’ from the wonderfull(pffft hahahahaha coff coff cof… coff) group of {fucking}{dumasses}.org
    c a pice oof advice your really only helping a derranged 16 year olds little mind by telling a troll [how to do it right], with the after holocaust of the babyboom theirs still atomic fallout of the younger generation who weren’t taught ethics and morals AND NO U FUCKING DUMASSES DONT USE DRAMATICAPEDIA AS A DICTIONARY. they share an ip address or 50 with {fucking}{dumasses}.org

    an easy way to identify someone is their brainwave. just study them or what they write as truth for 2 days. and you will truely KNOW them

  37. elif is a 23 year old woman from Turkey.. a female hacker/cracker/patcher.. i like it πŸ™‚ im drawn to your gothic picture πŸ™‚ that explains the turkish paypayl link|email.. word to the wise change your email to something non business related that way my pleasures .. and mine enemies dont find their way to your usernames and passwords.

  38. just wondering if anyone needs me to spell out that clue.. or perhaps even what server its stored at [SVN] πŸ™‚

  39. i dont got paypal is there anyway i can pay you in world? if u dont want ur info out there just e-mail me back i check e-mail everyday

    • unfortunately, we can only accept payments through paypal.

  40. well ill get the $ in my paypal.. all ur viewers u cracked r bad ass fuckin neil keylogged my PC earlier and i had 2 remove it. only viewers i trust now r from u.

    U mind sendin me a e-mail of what this viewer does and shit?
    im gonna buy it but i wanna no wha it does before i do

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