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Hi everyone.

After a long time of discussion, we decided NOT to release vLife or SLPE for some time. Both of they are wanted, we know that, and tht s the reason we decided to keep them to ourselves for the time being. However, this may change, as well as the “change” itself.

We are also looking for more clients to crack / release. Please reply this post with the names of clients, that you know and you don’t see on this page. Please do not post web adresses, they will not be published.Any kind of contact information will not be public as well.

Lets start hunting now.


9 Responses

  1. The best thing is Neillife, no doubt.
    everyone here has already been disappointed with slchocolate.
    vLife is obsolete, SLPE. do not believe that something extraordinary.
    he does not make that neillife?
    many of the options that I believe are not working anymore.
    Neillife is the best!
    is not it?

  2. Well that just sucks!. I mean that’s what this is all about and what else is there that people are wanting?. I think you should release them after all we do appreciate your hard work and would love to finally have these viewers we all have ben waiting for. Thank you!.

  3. Hello, I wanted to know if there is the way to can see the avatars location in the grid map.

  4. Hey it’s smart to not release these viewers. If everyone would have them, then it might hurt the Second Life community lol. I have a viewer request. I heard iLife is an interesting viewer. Can you see if you can get that cracked please? By the way, it was a good idea to lock the HXO download. If you haven’t found out yet, the HXO creator has made a new feature. If anyone uses any previous HXO Viewer’s they will get an automatic abuse report. Anyways, if you can try to get iLife, that would be great. Thank you for everything mate. Cheers

  5. i bet these people work for nicholas and INF if you wanna prove otherwise, get Ilife

  6. the problem is, if they keep releasing clients, they will be dead within a month.
    the problem with this business is that, clients are only created every so often, and unless they themselves begin making a GOOD client, after all the good ones are cracked no one in going to come back.
    in essence you are asking them to kill this site.
    INF, theres no need to prolong this, either release SLPE and/or vLife, or go find the REALLY secret clients to crack
    make your own

  7. Well, you guys dishing out the crack version of NL have made it so there is no more private version, which means his motivation to make a better client has weakened. Since it’s moved to free now the NL outbreak is crazy and there have been massive bans due to more copybot detection. HXO is getting detected too. I have no idea how we are being detected other than looking at our true client tag or the very act of ripping uuids. Looks like the days are getting limited unless someone can make a client that sweeps under the radar.

    • I was not using the neillife, but somehow …

      — log ativado de Mensagem Instantânea —
      [14:17] 1: You’ve been banned for the use of a ripper client.
      [14:17] 1‧: Looks like neillife to me.
      [14:17] 2‧: ?
      [14:17] 2‧: emerald
      [14:17] 1‧: No.
      [14:17] 2‧: no neillife
      [14:17] 1‧: Don’t lie to me.
      [14:17] 1‧: I can see what you’re using
      [14:19] 2‧: your viewer’s wrong
      completely wrong
      I can send you a screenshot?
      [14:19] 1‧: It’s not my viewer.
      [14:19] 1‧: Your had client interceptors on.
      [14:19] 2‧: I can send you a screenshot?
      [14:19] 2‧: i
      [14:19] 2‧: use
      [14:19] 2‧: emerald viewer
      [14:20] 1‧: Well when you point me to a copy of emerald that includes client-object interceptors I’ll unban you.
      [14:24] Oferecido um item de Inventário
      [14:24] 1‧: [14:16] neilscan test: anomaly at ;
      [14:16] neilscan test: closest user=2 (side=0.000046m) (up=30.000000)
      [14:25] 2‧: strange that
      I use emerald
      [14:25] 1‧: Cool story bro

      remark: I was using Emerald viewer ,I am user 2

  8. isnt it a bit useless to “crack” vlife cause its outdated ashell and most things whont even work anymore except for the Copybotting and maybe the spam blocker

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