Purple SL 1.23 P25 patched

Here is another private(!) client. PSL. Not many functions. Still, collectors might want to have a look.

Have fun !


4 Responses

  1. Kk now its time for me to ask you Did you go to some Hackers College ? Are you a Cracking Genius OMG how do you do this ?
    If its realy you doing all this i hope you have a good job and great life because you Man are Fucking Smart !!!!!!
    Maybe make your own software protection tools ?i donno just saying man o man you are a fucking genius !!!
    I LOVE YOUR WORK ALL OF IT !!!!! IF your that good you should have a great job !!!because omg you the best ive ever seen !!!
    Probs to you my unknown friend !!!

    • There is no software in the world that could be protected. Microsux spent billions of dollars trying to protect their Microsux XP/Vista/Winbloze 7.

      Epic Failure.

      Protecting Clients is a waste of time. If SLPE charge $100 USD for their SLChocolate they deserved to be exposed.

  2. I Would Love to say TY and Gratz bro this shit Rock Keep up the good Work

  3. No body wants SLPE after seeing their SLchocolate version. 🙂

    I would like to see vLife because i heard the creator laughing at this customer after he deactivated their clients.

    THe creator is a rip off merchants and must be made to pay back to the community he stole from.

    I forgot his name but his name is Lonely something and hangs out in Emerald Point.

    I recorded his voice chat with Audacity. He must pay for his crime.

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