New Sponsor

Now, we have a new “5p0n5or”. Looks like what we do works good for some “big people” of SL.’s a beautiful April day,
its’s a beautiful April day…


9 Responses

  1. Good!, downloading koredev now!

  2. Is INF part of nicholas ?
    just asking because i see this on the nicholas site ” credit goes to our associates INF ” are you associated with nicholas ?
    Again Just asking because of all the rumours going around people saying your working for Nicholas and that would be a reason for you not releasing VLife becuase Nicholas claims VLife to be theyr viewer.
    One of the Nicholas members (not saying names now ) said that you could only release VLife if they give you permission to do it ?
    I just wanted to know if nicholas is realy behind this if you dont like the comment please remove it

    • LoL.

    • They did a poll, won purple second fail or whatever is called. Though people voted after the link was posted too. Not much to regret maybe co´z vlife can be detected by neillife suppously, anyway. I am personally curious about that viewer still, but i don´t believe that have awseome tools that should make you want to use it.

  3. Dude, if you want to sell your viewers than go for it! Dont listen to those ass rags who say the viewers will be cracked anyways. Look how long they have been selling Vlife and no one has cracked it yet,same with chocolate and all the others.Until “INF” came along no one had shit’ cept neils free viewer. If you did crack Vlife and Slpe then you should get PAID for your work. So for all you losers that want everything given to them listen up. In RL you work and you get PAID for what you do ,the better your work the more you get PAID.thats how it works. I haven’t figured out how to use most of the features on the viewers yet,maybe one of you could contribute by writing up a little “how to” . I won’t hold my breath though….
    Keep up the good work and I’ll be hittin up your paypal tonight bro

  4. im not sure if this is even a legit client but ive been hearing stuff about a client called ilife… i heard its the best. well. if your up for the challenge id love it if u could crack it and post it.. and if u could post slpe and vlife. sweet thx!

  5. ilife… sounds interesting, i definitely think you should look into that

  6. dode tis blog has been like innactiv for a week. u shuld post some more clients!

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