KoreDEV viewer patched

One more viewer. Probobly out of date with some functions. It has some nice features that none of the previously posted viewers hav, like looping the “client tag”.

Have a look, you may like it.

Have fun !


13 Responses

  1. The Anti Life you cracked has this feature. Although I do not know how to make it loop in both of them.

    They don’t auto loop you have to constantly click on it.

  2. Kore INF.exe is corrupted… downloaded it 2x

    • It should work now.

  3. the file is broken i cant extract

  4. here file broken too, can’t extract

  5. its functional on my pc
    thanks you INF

    • You’re very welcome.

  6. work now, thx

  7. There is a scammer on Youtube called LifeCryo selling your cracks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJtujW3zY_U&feature=related

    He tried to scam my wife with his fake Cryolife which is someone’s old version hex edited to say “3” instead of “1”.

    This scumbag from youtube should die.

  8. i dont trust this client…..ive known the maker for over 3 years.he took 4 peoples acounts “That i know off”
    just becareful use a alt is all im sayin

    [19:27] Gawd‧: i has all legit keys
    [19:27] SPITFIRE Clary‧: lets clear this up before you continue to spread lies
    [19:27] SPITFIRE Clary‧: kore never held a keylogger
    [19:27] Gawd‧: it kept passwords
    [19:27] Gawd‧: same thing
    [19:27] SPITFIRE Clary‧: no
    [19:27] SPITFIRE Clary‧: kore never kept anything
    [19:27] Gawd‧: or sent em
    [19:27] Gawd‧: same thing
    [19:27] SPITFIRE Clary‧: the client itself was clean
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: when you logged in
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: all i had to do was send you an im
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: saying passplease
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: and you gave me your passwords
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: so even if LL investigated the situation
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: the im records will show
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: yoru members imming me
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: with their passwords
    [19:28] Gawd‧: u didnt get mines tho…
    [19:28] Gawd‧: so fail
    [19:28] Gawd‧: there
    [19:28] SPITFIRE Clary‧: never tried
    [19:28] Gawd‧: u couldnt
    [19:29] Gawd‧: cos i wouldnt log main into anything
    [19:29] Gawd‧: lol

    • awww DD Naimarc… you still scared to use your real name here… much like you are scared to death of using OTR chat cause LL cant see it when you talk. and since all the abuse reports you filed on spitfire clary over the lose of many of your 187 group members accounts being hacked failed…. you now decided to talk trash on random forums about him… btw… thanks for all the lulz… loved that video where you got hacked…..lmao bainao

  9. Why does it have teamviewer inside Kore INF folder? lol

  10. i lawld at this viewer, much promotion but its just a simple copybot viewer xD and some useless stuff. plus it called home at anytime, staticreality and tazmap and there was a master list and uhm a allowed login user key list, that was so silly. also i remember the old kore was able to do more stuff!

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