SL Chocolate patched

After a long period of decision, we finally decided to release one rare Second Life client: SL Chocolate. We now have the final version of SLPE, patched, but having hard times to decide about making it free.

Here is a poem I want to share with you.

When the trees burn
They were all at left
Use a silver lake
Or native is all dead.

And here is the download to SL Chocolate.

Have Fun !


34 Responses

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for this! It’s really awesome of you to provide it. If you would offer SLPE, I know tonnes of people would be grateful. Perhaps you could just offer it for a limited time?

  2. the non-belivers are so pissed of now haha !
    thanks !

  3. Thank you sooooooooo much

  4. lol they’re all fucked now. Say hi to the camera !

  5. OMG thank you very much for this share !
    They said it cant be cracked at all ? how did you guys crack it ?!

  6. Weird. Interesting. Cool !

  7. What’s the poem for ?

  8. Hey Infinite, well first off thanks for the time invested in each of your patches… so.. I dl’ed Chocolate after all the raving and speculation around the net, on what possible features it may of had… Was curious if you guys were seeing what I am, in the program… activation is still in the preferences although it can be used… also wondering if it has inactive hidden features because of the patch… as I looked around theres really nothing of any interest and why it has to be activated for no more features than the linden viewer…. well thanks…. will keep reading for info

    • “no functions” ?
      check again.

  9. It is nice but sorry neillife realy tops every viewer i used till now .
    I thought SLChocolate would have these mega cool options loL
    And this is what was sold for 35KL$?
    I hope not if i would pay 35KL$ for this i would be fucking pissed thats for sure!!

    Thank you INF for exposing the fake and your Hard work !!

    • Yeah you are right πŸ™‚

      I think now everyone knows Neil Life is the best.

      If it werent for INF you would still think SLChocolate is the best.

      They talk shit about Neil’s viewer but let me tell you this:

      1. Simple to use
      2. Has so many features.
      3. Will correctly import all objects/attachment and place them correctly onto your body parts.
      4. Has blue menu dialog message spam protection. *Dont you hate teleporting to destinations then get bombarded by those spammers that send you dialog spam? Well Neil Life puts an end to it all.

      5. Has annoying sound spammer.

      The worse thing about Neil Life it is not cleanly coded, most of his buttons are out of whack. He still doesn’t know how to enable the export shape button which i had to edit the xml file to correct it myself. He forgot the loop id tag button which is available in the debug menu.

      Due to INF cracking skillz, they forced Neil to bring out the best Freebie version.

      This will also expose SLPE and all the other rip off merchants out there to lift their games and implement more features on their lame Private Viewers.

      Thuglyfe doesn’t exist if it does it must be so lame because no one is even talking about it.

      HXO is clean but has useless client side Name Hack. Who cares about client side hack unless you like to sit behind ur screen and jerk off over how u could rename someone.

      Client side hacks are only for you to see so it is kind of useless in a world of interaction.

      My best client viewer rating:

      1. NeilLife Private (yes with all the bad coding it still tops all the others with its amazing features for dollars.

      • NeilLife is not the best.

  10. thanks Thanks Thanks

    • πŸ™‚

  11. wow 35k L$ when cryo is a lot better, this can’t read no mod scripts, no payment exploits or nothin!

  12. If you got ripped off by SLPE do yourself a favour, give INF SLPE latest version and let them remove the cripple ware for you.

    Why? Because you will be able to use it on any computer you want without having to pay subscriptions.

    Remember if it weren’t for INF you will still think SLChocolate is so cool (now you know SLCHOCOLATE is nothing but JUNK).

    IF you have been burnt !!! do youself a favour support INF make donations no matter how big or small.

    INF are a bunch of highly talented people that are very busy with their own life.

    So far you people have been blessed with all these freebies.

    It will be hurtful to us if INF will not be able to help us in the future.

    SL will be here for long time and so will those Rip off merchant scums that sell their private viewers.

    None of them will ever tell you what their viewer have untill you have realised then it is all too late.

  13. Just upload the file make a comment with the download link .
    No one will know its you INF will simly download the file and remove your comment so people dont know who handed it out.

  14. good job, but i really think you should release SLPE
    i would totally donate to u guys if i had a paypal

    • They do have PayPal πŸ™‚

      So make some donations πŸ™‚

      I made some donations πŸ™‚

  15. What’s so good about this..

    • What’s good about it?

      1. INF exposed to the world of SL that SLChocolate and SLPE is junk not worth the money Kate charged. She charged people $100USD.

      SLPE / SLChocolate is based on really old SL Open source πŸ™‚ Noob source.

      Even if you made $10 USD donations you will still have won big here:


      1. You’d get non crippled ware
      2. You could use it on any computers without paying more $$$ to those rip off scumbags that made these viewers.

      3. You wont have to pay $$$ just because you decided to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows 7 OS/Vista OS.

      4. You will get more than one Client Viewers.

      5. Those private client viewer makers will never be able to threaten to disable your account because they are having a bad day.

      What else do you want me to say? I am not INF employee nor am I affiliated with INF in anyway shape or form. But i love them for what they did.

      INF exposed rip off merchants that exploit people like YOU for real money.

      Rip off merchants make viewers but never tell you what features they have until you paid for it. But by then it is all too late, they got your money and if you complain they will disable your Activation Key.

      The guy that made VLife will do that to you. Go to Soviet Woodbury and hear them talk in voice how they laughed and gloat over how many suckers they have ripped off and deactivated keys of people that complaint.

      These reasons alone are good enough reasons to support INF exposing more rip off merchants.

      *Remember INF are not here to rip you off nor will they cripple their patched viewers just because they are not happy.

      INF will always allow you to play SL on any viewers with any computers you want to use.

      INF is like CHOICE Magazine that compares private viewers with other private viewers, feature for feature, and bangs for your bucks.

      You dont have to make donations but if u do they will be around for as long as you support them.

      Imagine a world without INF crackers? I hate to even think about that … what a horrible feeling it would be knowing you got ripped off by SLPE.

      Remember SLChocolate is SLPE which is Kate or Day Oh private version that was around the same time as Neil Life Open Source.

      Neil open source is free, Slchocolate was $100 USD. Now you go figure.

      • thanks for the reply dude

  16. thanks you INF wouah slchocolate cracked πŸ˜‰

  17. Is it just me or does it keep locking up, freezing up and crashing like with everything you try to do. And nothing works, not even the simple free uploads. Anyone else get the free uploads to work for them?. The crashers, interceptors NADA works. LMAO!. Also it’s so weird that today now that SLChocolate got cracked you can no longer TP to Woodburry. It’s tells me the region no longer exists. LMMFAO!

  18. Way to post an old version somebody else cracked… goes to show you can’t crack shit πŸ˜€

    • Rollin you are an idiot INF cracked this one long long time ago but never released it until now.

      Go and smoke your Pot and laugh at yourself.

    • Rollin put your money where your mouth is.

      If you are good enough to make private viewers then post the URL for the downlaod and let INF have a go at your Viewer (If you have made any).

      Dont talk trash about people that made life easier and possible for you to play SL with these Viewers on any computers you have.

      You come here to download their free work and talk trash?

      Shame on you Rollin others appreciated not having to pay $100USD for old SLchocolate or SLPE.

      Your attempt is an EPIC FAILURE of the worse kind.

    • OH SHNAP! Dayamn! Talkin’ Dat Shizzle Snit! lol

    • May I ask who cracked it before ?

  19. Is the free upload function working for anyone else or is it just me?. Also what functions have you found it capable of doing?.

  20. Admin or Moderator just delete this post and the first one about woodbury not being able to tp to. I guess it was just down for a bit. Thanks!.

    • πŸ™‚ let it stay. I noticed that, as well.
      Let them pretend !

  21. Alot of you are quick to bag chocolate, I remember Chocolate could take shapes long before Neil could. it didnt have the flaws of the others either.(I tried most of them)I also remember when Neil released his next client named (the unknown client) and had to be talked out of making available to store owners something he had worked on that would show any prims(or similar) as copied if made by any other another client than his his own, putting us all at risk..hmmm.

  22. ok i can not log in with this viewrer i downloaded i keep getting either a bad password error or i can tlog in the server and i know i can on emerald so what is the problem?

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