Truth and Consequence

Here is a great case, once again in Second Life.

Most of you probobly know Day Oh, or probobly heard of his name. After seperating the ways with emerald point guys, Day Oh was dissapeared to nowhere.

We know that, SLChocolate and SLPE are made by him. However, this special text will make you wonder about what is happeing in second life universe, through the “indirect” usage of a “run away” progress.

The search started from the (in)famous client, SLPE. Traces directed us to one single point: Soviet Woodbury. Please, search that location and at least once teleport yourself there. You will be able to find out more about what I’m going to write in this text.

This special place is the heart of SLPE (aka SLChocolate), it is being sold and distibuted by the people there. But, it runs with a “unique” key. So who distributes it ?

The fact about tat place is that, the distribution is made by Day Oh himself, through the avatar Katelyn Manamiko you can simply find by asking anyone in the Soviet Woodbury. Most of them are already the part of this SLPE based community, which we found out that it is not a simple as it seems at first. I want to share a little chat history that has been made with someone who directed us to that location:

[12:25]  Tayste Waydelich: He said he still thinks you may be one of tHEM, so he does not want to talk to you.

And a little bit later.

[2010/01/26 12:59]  Katelyn Manamiko: (Saved Tue Jan 26 22:52:30 2010) There are layers heaped upon layers of obfustication and confusion here.  I am not who you think I am, but few people get as far as you did.  So good work with that, but you still have to dig a few layers deeper to get to the truth.

I am skipping from how this information became the truth to connect the place “Soviet Woodbury” with the person “Soviet” of Patroitic Nigras. Simply, they are both using the same logo (the logo of thugLyfe you can see at its official site). Here is another part from another communiation, made with the Soviet of Patroitic Nigras within their official IRC channel:

<Gnihton> That is the very same logo. then tell me where you got from.
<Gnihton> The very same vectoral work.
<Soviet> I made it.
<Gnihton> So, it is on the woodbury as well
<Soviet> Yes
<Gnihton> I know about the programming skills of day oh, and you’re the lead programmer of PN
<Gnihton> That is a quite close match.. and the fact that people hides “day oh” from being in woodbury
<Gnihton> It wouldnt mind otherwise..
<Gnihton> If you are not him, then you MUST know where he is. Because all these people are hiding him from something because of a freaking fact
<Soviet> Well I could tell you
<Gnihton> tell me.
<Soviet> Well, I can tell you who he is. But I can assure you that it won’t do you any good
<Gnihton> I think this is the closest point I can go up. So I need a little grab of hand from that side.
<Gnihton> Please tell me.
<Soviet> Even if you go to him
<Soviet> He’ll blatently deny being him
<Soviet> This exchange never happened
<Soviet> If you paste to him, I’ll deny it
<Gnihton> Hm.
<Soviet> You can try your luck, however
<Soviet> Day Oh is none other than Frizzlefry, leader of the Patriotic Nigras
<Gnihton> O_o
<Soviet> Depends on what you mean by leader
<Soviet> If you mean the public figurehead of a leader, that’s Frizzlefry
<Soviet> If you mean the one that runs the show behind the scenes, that me
<Gnihton> hm
<Soviet> I can’t say I’ve heard of you
<Gnihton> Other than that; is Katelyn, frizzlefry ?
<Gnihton> sameperson ?
<Soviet> Day Oh isn’t one person
<Gnihton> is she one of his trolls then ?
<Soviet> I guess you could say
<Gnihton> ..
<Soviet> The three of us are Day Oh
<Gnihton> Thank you.
<Soviet> Although that’s the extent of what you’re getting
<Soviet> Anything else you’ll have to find out on your own

All of this converisation, could be troll or not, reveals one FACT that, these people in Soviet Woodbury are connected with the Soviet of Patroitic Nigras, moreover, when you ask them directly about what happened, or “Have you seen Day doday”, they simple answer, thinking than you are one of them. This simple case solves one of the bases of Patroitic Nigras, and one connection between Patroitic Nigras in the universe of second life. They are either running of from Day Oh, or just trying to “seem” like they are trolling to hide the fact that they are really working with Day Oh himself. That explains why every people -as a member of their community- also have one copy of SLPE viewer, which you can buy for around 35K Lindens in game from the very same location. Day Oh has a connection with Patroitic Nigras, as being one of them or not, this is the very moment that we learn about one of the creators of their famous client, ThugLyfe. I call this: fall of a soul. Even his close friends do want to deny that, he can not be “that kind” of a person.

This text, as a documentary, is researched by four people. Thank you all of you: NN, MY, CB, SR.

Thank you, for reading.


17 Responses

  1. Not that this will do any good…. I didn’t write SLPE, and I am not a distributor for it. I run emerald viewer 1101.

    As for this: “There are layers heaped upon layers of obfustication and confusion here. I am not who you think I am, but few people get as far as you did. So good work with that, but you still have to dig a few layers deeper to get to the truth.”

    I was trying to confuse some idiot who was bothering me, so he would leave me alone and bother someone else.

    • just gtfo kate.
      We know what is what.

      I actually bought the client from the mentioned place. Remember ?

    • Kate you are really… poor. I’m wondering if you really make people around you believe your shit ?

  2. at last.

  3. Not a TROLL.
    I actually bought the client from the same place.

  4. confirmed kate is distributor SLPE.

    • Confirmation + 1

  5. Lol, then, if you are Katelyn Manamiko and you use emerald viewer 1101, what are you doing here? What will you mute and ban by the way? Oh, you have changed it now aswell.
    You ban good in Woodbury, that´s true. Not having in mind legal facts, however. As threatining.

  6. WU is aplace of massive faggotry, and isnt connected with the PN.

    • Yea yea. It’s not hard to see you’re all faggots. That still do not cover up the fact that you’re sellingt that client.

      Just. Don’t. Even. Try.

  7. I can confirm that ChocolateSL was sold at WU .
    I tried to buy it from Katelyn Manamiko some time ago i tought it was sold for 30 KL$ but she asked me 50KL4 what i didnt have at the time .
    Katelyn Manamiko i hope you remeber me i was aking you how you did the serial protection for the viewer ?
    My name was Renee?
    I sure do remember you !!!
    Anyway i hope it gets cracked and handed out just because its so freaking expensive for what?
    I get the feeling your money hungry !!

  8. can u please post the dl to vlife and slchocolate u guys craccked? ive been waiting. thx

  9. shit can take scripts rite?

    • Even if, Phox has leaked a bunch of information on Second Life 2.0. Second Life will be taking heavy methods to stop theft apparently, like finally hiring experienced coders to stop such attempts.

  10. slpe contact tizzy teardrop o Katelyn Manamiko price 30k

  11. Its not a bad viewer but it cant import objects back on where u are supposed to wear it.

    It has some good things but not worth the money they are trying to rip you off on.

    NeilLife is better with importing things and placing them correctly on your body.

    I hope it will get cracked and handed out because they deserve it rip off merchant scum.

    Every one support INF and donate because they bring you an end to greed.

    Help fight greed donate now to INF.

    Anti Christ.

  12. SLPE is just a whole rip off, its same like SLChoclate. just updated.

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