One Eight Seven

No, that’s not us either.


8 Responses

  1. [2:22] DD Dubratt: i jus cracked 2 biggest clients
    [2:22] DD Dubratt: in sl
    [2:22] DD Dubratt: there newest ones
    [2:22] DD Dubratt: made it freebie
    [2:22] DD Dubratt: to the world
    [2:22] DD Dubratt: :/

    aka DD Naimarc in SL.

    LMAO 187 Public Fail.

  2. um this is FAIL………..Dubratt aint been used in like 5 days…..:/

    why would i need to sell any clients? or crack them when inf is doin a awesome job!!!! we makes Streetlife lol// nothin personal just stop making yourself look stupid stop hiding your name? lil shotta aka cyborg boxen…….like i said without 187 aknoleging stracci…..where would yall be…….without 187 they aint no nicholas….aint no Stracci
    but anyways….let DD break it down for you
    bawwin on a online webpage shows your underage mentality…smile man it dont hurt??? or does it ? lmao bai nao

  3. That entire passage is the funniest shit I have ever read. Trust you to deny saying something you so clearly said. Now here you are after INF publicly humiliate you by FACEPALMING your claims, backtracking and spewing your delusional filth all over a blog where people don’t give a fuck what goes on in your imagination.

  4. YOOOOOOOOOOO this is yo boy brooklyn the one and only giveing my shout outs to my peeps in 187! free viewers?…Hook me up lol

  5. well evidently “LOL” u damn sure seemed to b so damned concerned about a blog to effing POST SOMETHING ON DIS BIOTCH. So YO ass just became the focus of this humilation that WE ALL laughin at just because u (and i KNOW ur not alone, just the only idiot that replied) when it comes to ppl and their as u say “imaginations”. Getta effin hobbie, Narc azz wanna be naggah!! U cant make sumthing outta nothin, or are u too young to have learned that lesson yet. LMAO, get the hell outta here w/ dat lame ass c/p job u THINK you doin.

  6. aww shotta…..unlike yew we have money and sims :/
    we need nothing…….cracked as i have all legit keys u shud try it…..not sayin nothin bad bout what inf is doing…..but its well known fact u sell cracked clients…..ask neil…..u was on his site more than once retard also….stop gettin mad its only a game idiot? lmao

  7. David “the dudette that wears makeup….=-\”,Eddyboy “the fail of a lawyer”,cal you sorry ass piece of shit mexican, nicholas can all go suck tonys fat balls you got that? this is a personal shoutout to all you nicholas fucks that hide behind a computer, Eddyboy we in the same state, come at me if your such a good “lawyer” OH thats right my bad your only a small claims lawyer eh? the ones that hardly get paid gotcha….=-\ nicholas ftl? capones ftw? i think so

  8. Get your ghetto ignorant wannabe black asses off of here. Nobody finds you little fucks funny, atleast nicholas has something important and relevant to say. At east they get the job done and don’t cry about it afterwords like you silly little fucks do. Sounds like some baby bawling to me.

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