Some Concerns

As you may already be guessing, I have some concerns about these uploads and downloads.

I currently have vLife and Chocklate patched. SLPE is very close to it. However, I do not know if I should release or re-sell these clients.

As you know, some other people are simply just copying my content to their websites like they created. I made this site for sharing, but, hey; at least, give me a credit. You can not imagine how much I need to be “thanked” after all this struggle.

This message is also a reply to why I removed the first two patches.

Also, I do not have the final version of SLPE, yet. if any of you can find it (it is from early december) I will be happy. simply, send the link as a comment to this message.

I want you to read this, a part from one of my early writings, I promised to write it here as well:

“…This can be taken as the main reason of why we need virtual environments as an infinite sandbox (the term “sandbox” also refers to the virtual online places defined in the boundaries of a software, that are available for public* creation, as the public refers to the “society” of that software’s own “citizens”) where everything becomes possible as the human experience effects the perception of human, and modifies the “processing of mind” through the virtual experience, causing social (real) changes and causing both virtual world and the real world become two separate phantasmagorias within themselves ! The human understanding is not as what it was before, the human perception is much more capable of understanding the meaning through the usage and function, which also makes the function and “action” the important point of our perception.”


4 Responses

  1. Honestly, seriously, don’t let the stupid bottom feeders get you down. You’re doing a huge service to the community as a whole, people taking open source code from Emerald and Linden Lab and then throwing a few tweaks onto it to resell for $50/$90 is just insanity. These viewers are not inheriently different from their normal counterparts and people who want to get paid for writing a simple patch or two, slapping their name on an already complete product, and charging for it have the same mentality as Microsoft.

    After a while instead of getting the new features and neat tweaks, we get people adding serial numbers and product activiation to a viewer….I mean, get frucking real people. It’s a goddamn viewer…

    Keep them free, keep cracking, and thank you for all your hard work, the community appreciates it.

    • the shadow hit it right ionn the head. noobs are not going to find this site for a while. then the will be more experienced and know not to let all hell break loose. i think u all should keep doin what ur doin! i love this place. thanks

  2. There are a lot of Lame people claiming things and not even saying thnx or giving credits to the person who cracked it !!

  3. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It’s really appreciated more than you think. ❤

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