Clearing Out

I’m hearing people, talking about people. I’m hearing people, talking about us, and what we do here.Read this, and read this very careflly.

Firstly, we no not have any malicious software in our cracked versions. If anyone thinks that we have it, just tell them to check and compare the file sizes with the original ones. No, we do not do that, we do not.

Secondly, we’re hearing that, we do “scam”. Please, I really mean it, check the dictionary for -at least- what it means. Howcome, we can be scammers ? By handing out wanted software ?

Lastly, we do not write anything to anywhere else. This is the official blog. This is what we do, and who we are, right now. So please, do not believe in lies, that are talking through who we are in different places. We neither do comment nor write something totally new to anywhere.

I hope, these replies give some more information to clear out what and who weare in your minds.

Stay tuned.


3 Responses

  1. dude, just stop posting them and remove these links, when this stuff goes free, any asshole out there can use it.
    Its a bad idea. They should stay uncracked. ppl like neil putting a lot of work into the cracks and now they get broken because of who think its cool to share.
    Its ok to own a few ppl but it does not help, when i get stalked from idiots who now have hxo or other cracked shit and crash me, that isnt owned thats just anoying.
    every idiot just abuse these clients here.

  2. That´s not rigth “someone”, i use as well that kind of viewers and i don´t crash people(by the way you have to tell me how you do it, co´z i don´t see that this functions are working good) however, i know that some people only wants to grief and to use a viewer is simply easier, they don´t really like them to gain wealth at all even.
    Said that, i have to say, i don´t like drama and i don´t like to insult people, we are all anonimous afterall. When i saw that blog i was fine with it, it simply throw away an unfair advantage that some people have over us, and that people, yes, that people are using it against us, beeing it by griefing or not, they have more knowledge about that kind of things when they shouldn´t use it.
    Having said that too, some persons think that that´s a bad site, that this site will create a problem. I am not agree. Firstly it is not easy to find, and second if there´s a problem that problem should be fixed, if people wants to fix it of course. The site and the free viewers are not the problem. About scammers, to deal with them is easy too, just tell people that they are beeing scammed and write their names when someone find one, if someone wants to be scammed he´s in his rigth. He´s dumb but normal people don´t want to be scammed.

    We appreciate much your work guys.

  3. With any controversial idea comes controversy from people who are afraid of change. Don’t be offended by idiots just spouting bullshit because they are angry that they paid for something that is now being given out for free, very graciously I may add. And I guarantee you that you have a 10:1 ratio of people who like what your doing compared to people who are unhappy with what your doing. We greatly appreciate your work and hope that you keep it up.

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