PhoxSL patched

Here is an oldie. Still, wanted to add this to our growing archive. Te most interesting and funny part in the code was this:
“You’re a failure, you can’t hack my shit, gtfo.”

He would probobly do better now.

Have Nostalgia !


6 Responses

  1. hey you should try cracking the old Vlife bfore it became Vlife
    it went by names

    Untouched Version ^^

    here is Vlife before the major Second update

    • I dont know what is the first file. It seems pretty old.
      The second file is not vLife. it is chocolate, the early release of SLPE.

  2. oh by the way phox gets…….too 90+% and break whiles extracting…damaged rar file downloaded twice same thing happend

  3. ! E:\Phox INF.rar: CRC-failure in Phox INF\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\xul.dll. the file is broken

  4. File being re-uploaded.

  5. Hey which viewer could spoof client id tag all under 3 seconds in an infinite loop??

    That’s freaking cool stuff. Email me with that info if u wanna sell that client thanks in advance.

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