Anti-Life patched

Here is the story so far:
As you know, we do NOT crack the private clients BEFORE asking their creators very politely to calm down, and tell you te bad situation about sharing and selling clients with special abilities.
However, this special case is not just about the cracking case. the Creator, SPITFIRE Something (says that he is the OWNER of Nicholas Mafia) wanted us to proove our skills on his very well protected client: AntiLife. I am sorry SPITFIRE either you or your client do not worth more than a SPIT, as you solved in your precious name.
Here is our little public proof. Better to cry in private chats, and PMs.

Ah one more thing, to you boys and lads, have fun, and do not forget to check the “about” page on this stupid cracked second life fag version.


13 Responses

  1. Another good release fella’s, I will be donating soon whenever my card verifies on paypal, love to see some Nicholas Mafia pwned!

  2. Very nice work looks like you are a Pro Dude !!!!!!!

  3. lol i remember using spitfires kore viewer….he had keylogger on it…….he took mabey 4-5 members passwords due to it ….so this is possibly the funniest thing i have seen …..he deserves it…….keep up the good work fuck nicholas…

  4. Nicholas allready taken your HXO-Life and is hosting it as theyr own hehehe lets see what they will have to say about Anti-Life Lol
    OWNED Nicholas got OWNED !!!!!!
    They should do a video of how they got owned sinds they like doing videos hehehehehe OWNED OWNED

  5. And now “Nicholas” has the PhoxSL Viewer cracked in the download section, is it me or they had not it cracked yesterday? Oh yeah, it was locked to avatars uuids…

  6. FYI, Nicholas isn’t using AntiLife.

    AntiLife is a private viewer used by 3 people…oh so owned lmao

    • We all know nicholas uses spinx…..Cal Blackheart made it…..copyin everybodies code…and we know Spitfire is in Nicholas but in all honesty both clients fail… Nicholas seems to be really upset with what is going on here while everyone points and laughs at there ridiculous F_A_I_L

  7. Oh how we love to watch the butthurt comment fags getting their panties in a bunch. If you only knew what was going on here, LMAO.

  8. Great crack, but TERRIBLE client.. whoever made it sucks at life and deserves to die lol

  9. Which viewer could loop client id tag really fast over and over in a loop forever?

    That’s the client we want to see cracked 🙂 this antilife client doesnt loop client id tag.

    If you guys have those viewers that could loop client id tag as well as war huds and spammer i will pay for it greatly but it must have copy bot and export all attachments?

    Thanks heaps u guys rock.

    • I’ve got a viewer that can do that. Dunno about war HUDs, but it has client spoofing and looping, with auto-updating tgs as well as custom tags, as well as spammers and of course, full exporting, including all attatchments, and fully released textures/wearable ripping. other stuff i can’t really think of right now

      please feel free to send me an email C:

      • I’d like to see what you are using please email.

  10. This does not work for me.. Not configured correctly.. Other then that non of the other viewers will let me use my teen grid acount.. Makes me sad.. depressed now..

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