Hiring Crackers

We removed the links. They will be online again once we reach a certain amount of donation. Money is needed for the already hired crackers.

You will be seeing some good clients over here. Working on SLPE right now, and this time instead of creating a bypassed version, we are trying to create a keygen.

Crackers, give some hand.

Players, use this button please.


2 Responses

  1. C’mon man, removing links isn’t gonna get you donations, people love this place because it’s free, that’s why they donate, but now that it’s not, most people won’t even know what it’s all about, I just think you should reconsider.. maybe put the links back for others. thanks, and good job on the cracks, they work great!

  2. hi

    are you still looking for crackers if so i am intrested
    in working with you guys
    and have some tools you guys will find intresting

    leave me some kinda contact details here such as an irc
    nick or channel or something and we will discuss it

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