Yes,  more clients are getting patched. Watch.


11 Responses

  1. I love you people, its about time some one started releasing this to the public, you are greatly appriciated.

    • You’re welcome ^_^

  2. You’re completely crazy … Leave these kind of viewers free for everyone it’s not a good idea. Tomorrow everyone will be copybotting and so on and linden lab will take some precautions maybe. I don’t think they are stupids. Donations for working make by others people? Mah…. I think you must think fine what you can do.

    • It is good to let lindens know of what they can “patch” if you have any other alternative already created and waiting for others to get patched 😉

  3. can i pay linden to get the other viewer i dont have paypal 😦

    • Funy funny thing is a lot of people can confirm that HXOseller = X-MEMBER

      • Im not saying again I AM NOT HXOSELLER


  4. how many must i paid for the viewer i want all !!!

  5. can i pay linden now or not????

  6. why nobody answered me? o0

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