Trace Hello World

Here is another blog and another first “hello world” message for the sake of this precious universe: Second Life. But what is the difference of this blog ?

Change. Reasons, ways, and results of change. Natural forms of change. Social forms of change. All of these huge structural changes are somehow happened by different kinds of evolutions (or revolutions?) Evolution was always the fact through the natural notion of “need” and evolution was always required thus happened for the sake of change and necessity. After the realization of the power of proceduralism, the question has to be “what is happening now” instead of “what will happen next” because this is the movement that everything related to our flows (even the understanding of time and non-linear time) are about to change with the renovation of our minds through the steps of becoming separate “self”s instead of becoming one “self” and “other”, all procedurally.

We will be giving away, or creating clients for second life, for the sake of this precious “change” this time. Because we know that every change in technology is reflected in society. Let’s do the change now, infinitely.


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