NeilLife unknown 3.51 patched

Here is the first share. Many were patched before by our team, as some of you know me from the famous vLife cases; this new era starting with this blog will look for further now and on.

Please send me any updates to get them patched.

have fun !


7 Responses

  1. Awww why locked đŸ˜¦

  2. please tell me how to skip login trick
    I can not login

  3. Thanks! You did good job! I had a freaking blast with this thing! untill i got banned! ya XD I can log in with one acount but not the other
    but on normal viewer i can still login with both acounts help?

  4. Hello, what should I do to be able to enter neillife when I get this message is displayed “Unable to connect to PatchedNeilife V3.51 INF. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong Please check ..”

    What should I do?


    • Yeah I couldn’t log in either. Hmmm mmaybe I’ll try the same trick that was used for 2.7

  5. I figured it out…you have to log in to your home

  6. hey is it possible to make one that u can copy content?

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