HXO-Life 1.41 patched

Here is another client. Original creator was too busy to reply our numerous messages. I hope this stays as this is.

Have fun !


21 Responses

  1. Haha, nice work bro.

  2. Also, crack SLChocolate!

    • On way.

      • Sweet.

      • I do not see this happening at all. Nobody has cracked chocolate yet, and the ones that say they have it can not back it up by sharing it.

  3. Hello can you please Crack VLife before it dies please !!!!!!

    • He’s already cracked VLife before.

  4. Hey… where can i get a hold of the hxo life 1.41 patched? BTW i love the 3.51 patched 🙂 Keep the great work up!

  5. wheres the links for viewers he’s cracked already? like Vlife and Chocolife

  6. Hes removed them because he needs to pay his workers.

  7. But… if he doesnt hand it out free here.. ive already seen other pages SELLING the HXO and Neillife patched from here…. So its sad that money isnt going to the right places. Anyways.. you really should open this DL up.. because its gonna get out eventually, and more people are inclined to donate.. to you if you donate (software) to them IMO.

    Keep it up!

  8. Bring back the Download links Plz I love this Viewer

    plz plz plz

  9. Hey man i wanna buy some god like private3 viewers email me thanks

  10. Name change does not work anymore in this viewer. You can see it but nobody else can see the name change. I guess that’s why it’s been locked.

    • It haven´t work never TIM, that´s client side, not server side. Correct me if i´m wrong though…

      • It worked server side before. A guy was dressed as Jesus last week but his name was a regular name and I changed his title to THE COMING and his name to Jesus Christ. People around that new him said oh look so and so changed into Jesus.

  11. hEY Folks iNF has exposed HXO as the best Viewer ever.

    Go support HXO Viewer and buy this client because you will get a great client with so many excellent features.

    It is well coded, clean, and fresh. The Author of this client is a decent person too he is very good to his customers.

    Watch out for his up and coming version it will be the one to die for.

    He can be contacted here http://www.youtube.com/user/Sinux3AiAn

    This is the guy that got his codes stolen by Neil5050. Do not support Neil the code theif.

  12. Anyway we could get this unlocked? The collector in me would like to see this client.

  13. Why is the button locked?


  15. hey how come the download button is locked???

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